8 Tools to Check Your Website Ranking 

8 Tools to Check Your Website Ranking 

Are you reconsidering your Google rank? By moving your content from 10th to first on Google, you can double your CTR. If you don’t look at your Google rankings, you won’t know where to put your efforts to get more clicks and organic traffic.

Why do I need to monitor Google rankings?

Where you rank on Google influences organic website traffic. Google’s top result gets half of all clicks, while other results share the other half.

The top search engine results page (SERP) is the most authoritative. For search engine users, the number one result is most frequently the right or most valuable answer in their estimation. By analysing your Google ranking, you know how much work you need to put in to get to the number one spot and who you need to compete with.

Checking SERP results improves SEO strategy to get more leads. Finding out where you rank for a term shows how well you meet the needs of your target audience. This informs your future SEO strategy to improve your content and boost keyword rankings.

By reviewing your SERP rank, you can prioritise material to optimise. Instead of trying to boost a 15th-place item, focus on pieces that barely missed the top slots.

8 Tools to Check Your Website Ranking 

Google Rank Checker Tools.

Checking each target keyword’s Google rank is time-consuming. Use a rank tracking tool to monitor your SEO approach. Here are eight tools to check keyword position and website ranking.

Google Search Console 

This Google tool tracks your website’s search engine presence. The Google Search Console can also help you to track your website’s rating.

Steps to check the Google Search Console rankings:

  • Click the ‘Search Results’ tab below the performance option
  • Click “Queries” to discover your website’s search keyword phrases.
  • Select the average of the chart to display it in the table.

The details you will get from the above steps will show you your keyword ranking, impressions, clicks, and click-through rate. Google Search Console is free, all you need is just to simply connect through your domain host.

Every standard SEO agency are very articulate with the help of tools like this. 


This tool helps you to understand your Google keyword ranking and delivers competitive analysis. Use the Keyword Analyzer to see your website’s keyword rankings. This report displays search traffic, your position, established visitors, and SEO difficulties.

You can also make keyword lists and look for content ideas with the keyword planner. This tool is not totally free, you are restricted five free searches per day. 

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8 Tools to Check Your Website Ranking 


Ahrefs is a major SEO tool that provides extensive insights into SEO performance. The rank checker is only a small part of what the tool can do, but it’s a great way to look at your Search Engine rating. Ahrefs’ rank tracker offers desktop and mobile keyword ranks. Local ratings can also be checked.

The rank checker tool gives you your website’s keywords, position, keyword difficulty, and search volume. Ahrefs shows if you rank for Google’s supplementary features like the highlighted snippet, sitelinks, top stories, picture pack, and “people also ask” sections.


SEMRush is another famous SEO tool for SEO agencies. This tool lets you research target keywords and organic keywords.

Type in your website to see which keywords it ranks for. The ranking report shows your position, how tough each keyword is, and search volumes. The Position Tracker lets you track keywords and assess your performance. This tool’s graphs and charts show keyword performance.

Find out your keyword position and rank distribution, which pages rank for your search phrases, and if you’re in the Google snippet.


MozPro is an SEO tool that checks rankings. MozPro lets SEO agencies track rankings, inspect sites, analyse backlinks, and plan keywords. This tool tracks keywords. MozPro analyses your keywords’ mobile and desktop visibility. It shows if your ranking dropped in the previous month.

MozPro employs STAT, the world’s most sophisticated rank tracker. MozPro’s software provides you with actual, real-time results that alter throughout the day.

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8 Tools to Check Your Website Ranking 


SERanking offers SEO audits, backlink analysis, SEO reporting, social media analytics, and keyword tracking.

This keyword tracker doesn’t report organic keywords automatically. It tracks keywords. When you set up a project and pick keywords to track, it suggests organic keywords. You may track local keyword rankings by setting their location. In comparison to competitors, it suggests competitors to track.

SERanking shows your keyword position, average overall rank, overall visibility, traffic prediction, and SERP characteristics. Connect this tool to Google Analytics and Search Console to track organic keywords.


Sitechecker offers tools to execute site audits, measure backlinks, monitor site performance, and track search result rankings. The rank tracking tool gives you your site’s organic keywords and the performance of your focus keywords.

Geolocation and language can affect tracking. Tracking keywords isn’t limited to Google. The graphic displays how many keywords rank first, second, third, etc. Click on the search phrase to view the ranked article. It helps you prioritise optimizations.

The first ten keywords are free. 


The Hoth is an easy-to-use tool for teams to verify their Google rankings. Sign into LinkedIn and enter your website. The tool shows organic keyword rankings and positions. You’ll see search volumes, results, and traffic percentage for this search phrase on your sites.

Hover over your rank score to discover where your website ranks for each phrase and your monthly decrease.


You have several tools to monitor Google’s ranks. From free tools like The Hoth to complex SEO solutions like MozPro, it’s easy to analyse your organic keywords and target keywords.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of SEO?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of SEO?

SEO is the best way to improve your website traffic. However, numerous techniques are available to improve website traffic. But over the years, SEO has been the most-used technique of generating massive traffic to a website.

As good as this may sound to the ear, there are benefits in using this unique technique to call people’s attention to your product and services online. But being a competitive world, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into high rank your website to be on the top list of what potential clients will search for. Let us break it down. For instance, you are a trader, and you want to maintain the lead position when people go to search engines like Google to search for traders in Sydney. What exactly do you need to be on the top list of the suggested list of traders in Sydney? That is why you need SEO. Then, you can hire an SEO Agency in Sydney to help you touch your website technically and do some touches via content to rank your website on search engines. 

However, although SEO is good, it has its disadvantages as well. Therefore, this article will take you through some pros and cons of search engine optimization. But before I move to that, it would be nice if we briefly discuss what SEO entails.

What is SEO?

SEO means search engine optimization.  SEO is the practice of refining and promoting a website to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines like Google. Fundamentally, SEO is all about ranking higher in the search engine results for keywords connected to your site. SEO requires specialized knowledge. It is beyond writing and posting. SEO agencies around you can help you rank your website high in search engine results. If you want to work with a reliable SEO Agency, we would like to recommend SEO Cognitive. 

What are the pros of search engine optimization?

The advantages of using SEO to improve your website are;

  1. Search engine optimization is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your site’s visibility. If you hire an expert SEO Agency, your website will be placed right before your target customers and client. When running a search for a business on search engines like Google, you will be the first to appear on the Google suggested list. Don’t forget that you need a competent SEO agency to help you out.
  2. With search engine optimization, organic clicks are free. It won’t cost you any money. SEO is the only technical way of generating traffic to a website without a fee attached to the organic flow of clicks. Although it may take much time to invest in SEO, there are no click costs, unlike running a PPC campaign. 
  3. There’s a high level of expectation once you’ve achieved a strong ranking from an SEO strategy. When a professional SEO Agency handles your website, your business will be showing to potential customers all the time.
  4. There’s stability when you use SEO to rank your website. With SEO campaigns, your ranking will remain relatively constant. That is if you hire a competent SEO agency to optimize your site in the right way.
  5. Also, search engine optimization is a more cost-effective channel than PPC in the long run. The cost of hiring an SEO Agency typically remains very similar even as the traffic is increasing. The case is different in PPC. You will have to pay for every click.
  6. Averagely, search engine results like Google usually attract more than ten times the number of clicks than paid results. SparkToro gave that illustration in 2019.  This implies that you will get a higher volume of traffic websites without spending money on ads.

What are the cons of search engine optimization?

The disadvantages of search engine optimization are;

  1. SEO takes a lot of time. Search engine optimization can take up to six months for a new business or domain to rank a site in top spots for competitive keywords. But with PPC, you will instantly see your results as soon as your ad campaigns go live. That is why some SEO agencies in Sydney always advise their client to be patient enough.
  2. If you want to achieve massive success in SEO, consider investing entirely in SEO. There are other aspects of SEO you must not overlook.  To attain substantial organic traffic with SEO, you must invest in technical SEO, content creation, data analysis, and lots more. 
  3. It is not easy to see a competent SEO Agency. Before visiting an experienced SEO team to handle one’s project, one must have done much work. Therefore, it takes a lot of effort to check out some skills in any Agency that will handle the task. Furthermore, it can be challenging to measure the level of creativity, decision-making skills, and critical thinking skills before one can fully hire an agency for SEO services.
  4. Search engine optimization requires continuous investment. At times, there may be tweaks and improvements to make. Don’t forget; it is expedient for you to understand that your site will never be hundred percent optimized. It’s a cycle that requires a lot of work. The journey to rank a site will start with content creation and link building before moving to technical SEO audits. It’s a lot of work.
  5. Search engine optimization consumes time, and it can be overwhelming. It takes time to keep up with any algorithms updates to maintain the lead among competitors.


With the above-listed points, we have done justice to the facts that you need to know about search engine optimization. Now, you will be able to have a whole idea of what you are about to do. In this article, we briefly discussed the meaning of SEO, and we proceeded to explain in detail the pros and cons of search engine optimization. Visit to read about Why Small Scale Business Needs To Hire An Seo Agency.

Web Advertising

Your market presence is based on what you offer and how good your service/product is. But your customers need to be aware on where to reach you. And that is where Web Advertising and Marketing come into the picture. 

Web or online advertising is context driven and more focused than advertising on TV, radio or billboard. What this means is, if you use the web you have a greater chance of reaching the right target audience rather than wasting resources on places your market is minimum or negligible.

There are many reliable players in web advertising. Google with its Adwords solution is the leading player. It allows you to advertise your services now only on various relevant websites but also on the search engine results page (SERP). So if a customer searches for Chinese restaurants in Mumbai, Google will put links to an advertiser’s Chinese restaurant outlet on the SERP.

Similarly Yahoo and Microsoft Advertising have a whole network of websites where you can find your target audience. Amazon is the biggest online retailer for books and other products. If you are into selling products Amazon can be a great option to advertise. Indiatimes and Rediff are major Indian players in online advertising and both own a network of content rich portals. Adbrite is increasingly becoming more popular with its simple and effective advertising options. Most of the advertisers mentioned above support text, flash and video advertising giving you various options to choose from. Some advertisers like Vdopia are dedicated to video advertising..There are myriad solutions and options available.

We’re sure this all sounds confusing. But you can just leave it to us! At Huge H, we understand your web advertising requirements, tailor it according to your needs and suggest the right solution. You pay for services you really need and not for the entire gamut available. Our clients come from small to medium businesses to big multi-national companies. So whoever you are, wherever you are, if you have a product, service or an idea that needs advertising and marketing let us know and we will be glad to guide you through the various options. Click here to write to us or contact us.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, a term people are vaguely familiar with, but not necessarily completely aware of its complexity, importance, and Huge Benefits. SEO – “Search Engine Optimization”. While a company/group/individual might have the most compelling website, both in design and content; it is not by itself, a GUARANTEE, for people visiting the website.

That’s where SEO comes in. Using SEO, a website is programmed in a specific manner, to yield specific search results on popular internet search engines. Naturally then, with a high level of SEO programming for your website, the likelihood of it showing up in the first few pages of a searched result, becomes, with a certain degree of surety, guaranteed!

There are, however, risks involved. One is advised to tread cautiously, for engaging the wrong kind of programing partner to do one’s SEO, can not only be ineffective but also detrimental to one’s website and overall reputation. From Technical Advice to Implementation of SEO, Huge H partners on all levels of the SEO process

• Technical advice on website development (hosting, redirects, error pages & Java Script usage) 
• Optimization advice based on ‘keyword’ research 
• Website content-structure review
• Content Development
 • Management of Online Business Development Campaigns
• Expert advice in specific “If you’re thinking about hiring an SEO, the earlier the better.

A great time to hire is when you’re considering a site redesign or planning to launch a new site. That way, you and your SEO can endure that your site is designed to be search engine friendly from the bottom up. However, a good SEO can also help improve an existing site” – GOOGLE 

We practice Ethical & White Hat SEO techniques to get your website to rank high in the Search Engines on industry-specific keywords. The Huge H SEO Division is headed by a dedicated team of SEO experts.

Along with a prominent team of programmers, our SEO division has produced consistently super results, with websites we have programed, featuring at the top of searched results every time. Perhaps the best example of this is our own website. It has been optimized for the key-phrase ‘website designing Mumbai’. On Google, it regularly ranks in the Top 5 search results!